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I think I'm Missing Something!

FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on November 4, 2007 - 12:25pm

I'm not an avid board user, but I keep hearing how it has a facelift, but can't see any changes....maybe I'm "slow"! Can someone explain! :)

Josh's interview on Loose Women was so cute - lots of great comments from our fave guy - ones that he will not live down I'm afraid...."I haven't seen mornings for awhile"...."I haven't been naked for awhile either"...
HHmmmm - What a tease :) LOL

HELP HELP HELP - I'm having chocolate attack - I'm craving it so bad!!!!!! I should just have some and get it over with; but I'm afraid the slight taste of it would only make me want more.....eeeeeeek!
HELP!!! My goal is to lose 5 pounds a month until I hit my goal (not sure what that is yet, but I want to feel healthy). So I started in May and lost 5 lbs, June - 5, July - 5, August - 5, September - 5.....October, I stayed the same and now I'm craving chocolate - wouldn't you think I'd fight it since I'm behind a month is weight loss? Ugh. I usually replace my sweet urges with fruit, but nothing can replace chocolate! My favorite right now is the Lindt white chocolate truffles....GO OUT AND GET SOME and ENJOY for me, now that I probably have all of you wanting chocolate with all this talk :)

It's been a busy weekend, but so nice to get caught up! I better get back to work now though. Hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday afternoon! Love and hugs,

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