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My Confession

JustJoshing's picture
on November 4, 2007 - 7:58pm

I couldn't wait to give our parish priest his own copy of Noel. I did that today after Mass. He said he recently caught Josh on PBS. "I hadn't really heard of him before and...." I interrupted him with a loud GASP! It makes me so sad that people are somewhat unaware of the magic that is Josh Groban!!! I actually think they know him from "YRMU" but don't connect the name. Anyway, I told him "Ave Maria" was on the CD along with "Panis Angelicus". He was very familiar with the song and gave me a brief history lesson about it. I then got a bit "joshed" and told him how I was a huge fan..personalized to touch his hand twice.... I then let out a big sigh and touched my heart. Hmmmmmm....I then realized in that moment that I might be confessing to breaking one of the commandments (or something). :) I stopped myself and joked, "Uhhhh....I'm a LITTLE BIT obsessed." He replied, "Oh! What's a little obsession between friends?!" LOL! He has an awesome sense of humor, so I don't think he'll report me to the Big Guy......not yet anyway. ;)

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