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i'm guess i'm a bad grobanite.....

lindyjean's picture
on November 4, 2007 - 8:34pm

i guess i'm just not a good grobie. i mean, i love and support josh, try to turn on others to his amazing voice, and i go to see him whenever i can. but, lately, i feel that more is expected of me. i'm planning on going to disneyland to see him this saturday. just hoping to hear a song or two, nothing more. the group that is meeting up there are all planning on either wearing shirts they got at Target, or making their own, or wearing a shirt they got from the fan club or at a concert. i'm sorry, but, i'm just not that into all this stuff. i won't wear a hat, or a shirt, or bring a sign, or do anything but go see josh and be a good audience member. i feel i'm letting people down because i don't get all goofy over this rigamaroll like they do. i think it's great that they are able to shed their inhibitions and get all silly---i know they have a wonderful time with it. i'm happy for them. i wish i could be that silly right along with them, but i know if i did, it would all be for their benefit, not mine. i want to meet everyone, want to have some laughs and put faces to names, but, i don't want to feel like i'm at some kind of revival meeting, dancing around an icon of josh, swooning and praising his virtues. i just wanna see him sing. i'm willing to get up at 4 in the morning and drive to anaheim to be there at 8AM, and wait around to see him tape his segment of the show. but, that's it. i also want to go on the rides---it's DISNEYLAND, for cryin' out loud. i don't go to disneyland that often, so if i'm gonna shell out fifty or sixty dollars to get in, i'm gonna go on the rides!!! i'm afraid i'm going to be a big disappointment to the other grobies there----sorry, kids.
i hope we get to see josh up close, i hope we get to hear him sing, not lip-sync, and i hope we get to meet up with him, but if we don't, i won't curl into the fetal position, suck my thumb and get depressed. i'll be on Star Tours, or Indiana Jones, or Pirates or the Haunted Mansion. and then, i'm going to go celebrate my niece's engagement while all my fellow parade-goers have their party. it's half the reason i'm traveling to SoCal in the first place--to attend her engagement party later that evening.
so, i hope i don't get shunned by the fan club members for not being as consumed by this opportunity as they are. it's just typical of my personality--to go against the flow. but, i hope we'll all have a good time, doing our own things...

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