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Josh Dream Last Night

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on November 5, 2007 - 6:38am

I had another Josh dream last night. It wasn't a sexy dream - though I definitely think he's hot, I just don't think of him that way - it was another one of those camaraderie dreams. Does that make sense? I am not a fan who aspires to be Mrs. Groban (I am very happy being a Mrs. already, thank you very much), but I am a fan who sometimes feels lonely around people who don't understand the way my mind works and longs for the companionship of someone, anyone who really seems to understand my heart.

But anyway, the dream.

I was at a resort I'd been to before in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, in the Yucatan Peninsula. This place is lovely and quite swank. Josh was there, but it wasn't one of those chance meeting kinds of things. He was expecting me, and I him. We sat down for drinks (though in the dream I couldn't get him to have anything other than Fiji water), and we talked and talked. I suppose the setting was romantic, but I really don't remember thinking of it that way. After we talked for awhile, we went back up to his room. No, this isn't where it gets x-rated! We played video games and laughed, taking it easy after our serious conversations over drinks.

The main thing I remember about the dream is that he really seemed to understand everything I was telling him, and I could understand him as well. I am a person who feels very deeply about things, and most people just kind of laugh off the "strange" things I say. Josh wasn't like that in the dream.

So that was the dream. Not nearly as exciting as some of the ones on the board (yeeeoch!) but it was a nice dream.

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