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My First Journal Entry

vijaykumar's picture
on November 5, 2007 - 7:32am

I've not done this before, so please bear with me. I'm so happy to finally be a member. I treated myself to this as my birthday present. Josh's music has played such an important part in my life. I was blessed with the opportunity to see him in concert in Pittsburgh on August 4th of this year. If I had to sum my feelings up in one word, I couldn't do it to save my soul. My hubbie & I had such awesome seats. I tried to touch Josh's hand but didn't get there in time (felt like I had concrete in my shoes & couldn't move). The night flew by toooooo fast. The only thing that would've made the night more perfect (BESIDES THE OBVIOUS: MEETING JOSH, ETC...) would've been if my daughter had been with me instead. She is 11 & "in love" with Josh (aren't we all???). She & my 14 year old son were spending the summer in Maine with my parents & didn't come home until August 20th. Anyways, that being said, if any of you haven't seen him in concert as of yet, I pray that you do get the chance. He is such an amazing artist, & he has such a great sense of humor. I have become the "local Josh Groban advocate" for our community. I'm constantly listening to, talking about, thinking about, reading & watching anything & everything that has to do with him. Yes, you could say that I'm "obsessed" with him, but not in the "stalker" sense. I just feel that everyone needs to recognize his talents. My kids/friends/co-workers laugh at me because when I hear a song come on when I'm at work or in the car or shopping, I always say that my "Gro-dar" has gone off and we need to pause & reflect on the awesomeness that is Josh Groban. On to a more seriousness note, I would like to personally thank Josh for recording "You Are Loved". My son, Jonathan, is and has been, for about 7 years, dealing with anxiety & depression. I can't listen to that song without thinking of Jonathan. My children are my life & I feel helpless at times that I can't take that hurt & pain away from Jonny. When I'm in the car & have my "Awake" cd on, when the song comes on I always tell Jonny that it makes me think of him & to please listen closely to the words. Music touches people in so many ways. Thank you Josh for doing what you do & for being who you are & for not losing yourself to the celebrity lifestyle that is so often the downfall of so many. Well, I think I'm done for now. Ohhhhhh, 1 more thing......"Noel" is absolutely the best Christmas music. Thanks for incorporating our soldiers in "I'll Be Home for Christmas". I think so many of us forget that they sacrifice so much for us. Thank you!!!!

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