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A pain in the neck -- LITERALLY!!!

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on November 6, 2007 - 4:16pm

Well I went to see Dr. Sayeed at DuPage Pain Specialists today ... about my neck and the numbness in my left arm. I told him that Dr. Deol had mentioned surgery and I didn't want that to be the only option at this point so I wanted to ask about steroid injections in my neck. He said it was a good place to start and so he did ... he took me right into their "operating room", prepped me, and gave me an epidural injection into my neck. YIKES!!! I was glad to get it done before I had a chance to sit and think about it for a long time and get scared about it. He said I may have a headache tomorrow or else it just might feel a lot better. He wants me to schedule another appointment in two weeks for the next one ... okay, not too bad. It didn't hurt too much, turning my head hurts a little - I feel an intense, sharp nerve pain when I turn my head but I'm sure that'll go away. At least I'm hoping! Soooo ... that's what went on today. I came home and my little best buddy Miss Emma greeted me with a big smile and hugs. I want to pick her up and play but I have to be very careful that I don't injure the injection site and cause spinal fluid to leak out ... ugh! That would be bad. LOL

So instead of NYC on Emma's first birthday I have decided that the fam and I are going to go to Woodfield Mall and hang out for the day seeing all the Christmas sights then have dinner at maybe Maggiano's and spend the night at the Hilton - go swimming or whatever anyone wants to do! I think they will love it. It'll be a helluva lot warmer then standing in the cold in NYC at 4AM and cheaper than a plane ticket ... I think we all win in this case. Love ya Josh but since you never return my phone calls you move down on my importance list ... LOL

Silly saying of the day:

Clairvoyant Convention canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.

heh heh ....

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