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it's just not fair

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on November 7, 2007 - 2:21pm

i'm at work. i am a school librarian. because it is conference time, the kids go home early and the teachers conduct parent conferences, and this particular teacher has chosen to do it in my library, so i have to be quiet and don't feel like moving around---afraid i might disturb them. so i'm being quiet here---i've finished all other work here for the day.
i work in a poor part of town. the kids here have very little in the way of material things. the school gives away uniforms to a child from each class each friday, but some of the kids come in looking so ratty---soiled, torn clothes, old shoes, ill-fitting coats and such. i feel so bad for some of them. our library gets textbooks, and part of the text are CDs for the child to use in their home computers to supplement their textbook. but, so very few of our students' families can afford home computers, so, they don't get that extra boost from the CD. i used to think it was a myth that lower-income students got a sub-par education. i thought all you needed were caring parents, a dedicated teacher, and you'd do fine. well, in the short time i've been here, i can tell that's not the case. these kids come to school hungry, and we have both breakfast and lunch programs so they can eat. their parents, or in a lot of cases, PARENT, have to work a couple of jobs to makes minimal ends meet. the kids do not get stimulation for their brains. there are so many little things that so many of us take for granted that all contribute to getting a good education. there's not enough space here for me to go on about what little i do know. it makes me sad, and more than a little guilty, as i plan on going to disneyland this weekend, and drop a nice chunk of change on what is little more than folly for me. if i hadn't already gotten other people to go with me, i think i'd just forego the trip and instead, donate to Toys for Tots here, or see what my district office can recommend for my specific campus.
so, i hope my few dollars won't be missed at GFC. i'm going to donate locally this year. since they haven't announced another leg, there won't even be buttons for me to buy in hopes of winning BSP or front row seats anywhere.
anyway, thanks for reading this far. i know it's a bit of a downer, but, it's weighing on my mind.....

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