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VW Bugs and Monks

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on November 8, 2007 - 7:58pm

(To understand what I'm talking about, go to and search for Turtle Creek Chorale--watch the first video. and note they're really men. haha.)

We had monk rehearsal tonight, and they said we can do the part at the end where our record player skips! I begged and pleaded until they agreed! And we'll all be piling out of a real '65 VW Bug! (The setting for the show is 1965) How funny!

I got my Biblical costume today, and I love it! I even found a few ways to wear the hat that won't whack people when I paddle-turn. I should be able to leave it down, although it might be cooler if I have it up. Hm... If I knew how I could post some pics and get some opinions.

Even work is going well. No doctors gave me clinics today, so I won't have any to put together tomorrow. I can just help someone else do their work all day.

I also recently found out I have vacation time I "have" to use, or I'll lose it. I'm taking it after Tech for Act 2, when I'll need it most. we don't usually get out of Tech until about 1, and then I have a 30 min drive home from church, so by the second night of that, I won't want to go to work in the morning. Plus that's after spending Fri night, all day Sat and all day Sun at church.

Oh our church (and the show!) was mentioned in an article in Style Weekly, a free local newspaper :) It says we have "young, hip-looking pastors." Hahahaha! I love my pastors, but that's an interesting description. They also tried to say that Exile is for youth, but then they at least corrected it to say we're in our 20s and 30s. I wonder why the article didn't mention our morning coffee and bagels? Isn't that a good example of what the article is talking about? I convinced one guy to come this week when I told him about the free Starbux and Einstein's. And I just realized that the pastor they talk a lot about is from my sister's church.

This is getting long, but one last thing... last night I dreamed I kissed a guy for the first time. Our faces smooshed together! Too bad I don't know who he was. He gave me a diamond ring (just a ring, not a marriage proposal ;) and the next day, a diamond watch/necklace (why not wear a watch around your neck if it has diamonds?)

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