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Remembering the Grobanite in me

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on November 8, 2007 - 10:18pm

Is it Christmas already? It seems like it in my house. Been listening to Noel over and over ever since getting it. It reminded me of those days when I would take my long walks under the night time stars and listen to the most inspirational music. Music that just lifts me up and floats me away to a whole new place. It always touched me so deeply back then and some how it kind of got lost from me lately. Back then it felt like I was on some love affair with a cd. Every note, lyric, sound would so move me. I actually did something today that I hadn't in quite sometime.I actually spent some good time just checking out Josh videos and interviews. It had been so long since I felt any desire for that. But today, before work, I enjoyed just joshing myself up a bit.I started feeling like a Grobanite again. It was like returning to an old familiar friend. Ever been away from something so long that when you return it is such a new feeling, a feeling of newness. It was an awesome day to say the least. Kind of restored my "grobaniteness" with in myself. Needless to say, it was a wonderful day to remember those feelings of being so passionate about something. Sometimes my life gets so busy and hectic that I often loose track of doing those things that keep my spirit at peace.

So, I went to work, not really wanting to, but knowing I must. I had a day off yesterday, so returning is always a bit tiring. Saw something at work today that literally almost made me sick. An elderly grandmother was talking so mean to her child. The little girl, who I say was about 10 or 11 was just talking, and the woman kept telling her to shut up. At one point I thought the woman was going to hit her. Was just so shocking to see this elderly woman be so abusive with her words. I wanted to say something, but thought better of it. I wasn't really in the mood to start something right there as I was working. Maybe I should have. I swear, the nerve of some people.

But work ended almost as fast as it started. I drove home in the darkness listening to NOEL once again. Such a peaceful drive it was. I kept thinking about my sweetie Barry back east. Miss him so much that this music just makes me long for him even more. I just wonder how it will be when we eventually get together. Its funny, I have heard from many people about people they know that are in or have been in long distance relationships. I have gotten so many positive responses that it just makes me feel so good about my situation. There is hope.. But I know as the holidays approach, it might get hard at times as its a time of year to be with those you love. I am hoping we will get together for a visit by then, but the way life gets at times, it will always be a question until it happens. We have had our share of set backs, but I am still determined to not let that get in the way.

Talked to Barry tonight briefly. His work schedule and mine are so different at times that we some times don't have alot of time to chat. It sucks too. But we always find a little time here or there for each other. He told me he was listening to Noel today too. Gotta love a guy who can listen to Josh....Means alot to me he does.

WEll, its bed time for me and I best be heading off. Work is not too far off and I am sure it will be crazy tomorrow. My children go off with their dad tomorrow as it is his turn with having custody of them. I don't mind so much as I know they are being taken care of, but I tell you I wish so much I had them all the time. Would love to just leave this state and go some place more peaceful.... Oh well, maybe someday....... I am beginning to really hate that word...

Hope everyone has a peaceful night and a glorious new day tomorrow... Find that strength inside yourself to do the things that make you happy....... You are Loved!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Make every moment count~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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