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In Loving Memory...

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on November 13, 2007 - 4:17pm

of my lovely Aunt Maxie, who died yesterday. I only just found out about her death. She was my grandmother's sister and one of the old-school, salt-of-the-earth farm women.

Though she lived too far for us to be extremely close, I can say honestly that she will be missed by myself and my family very much. She had a dry wit, a sense of humor that few understood - but I was one of those few. And for all her no-nonsense views about...well, just about everything...she was a very loving and caring person. Hospitality was something she took very seriously, just like my own grandmother did before she died. She always treated my child with a tender hand and voice, but never spoiled him (which I appreciated more than she ever knew).

I will miss Aunt Maxie. I hope she's happy and healthy and with her family now, wherever that might be.

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