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2 week push!!

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on November 13, 2007 - 7:35pm

Today officially starts the "two week push", where we "go from way/way down to way/way up." On the 27th we have our show dress rehearsal. I can't believe it! Tonight we actually did Act 1 with out stopping. That, my friends, is a miracle. Of course we started in the middle and then went back to the beginning. Then we didn't even do the monk scene, so I still don't know how that fits in or how we'll exactly we'll enter and exit (other than the VW Bug being involved). I can't wait for people to come see this!

That means in only 4 weeks it'll be all over. Awake is going to be my theme song for the next month. Haha for more reasons than one. That and Midnight Cry, especially when midnight rolls around at the tech rehearsals. haha, I crack myself up.

We finally get our DVDs soon from last year! I can't wait to see it. We usually rent a theatre for the night and the cast goes and views it. They said we'd have the DVDs "by Thanksgiving."

I also can't wait for the holiday auction for GFC. I requested they make scrubs with Josh's smiley faces and they were considering it. I could wear them b/t shows on the weekends. Oohh...lightbulb :)

Oh and I had another dream last night! In this one, our house was basically destroyed in some kind of disaster. We talked about the CA fires and possessions in church Sunday night so that was still in my head. (sidenote, I can honestly say I'd only take myself and my phone. I was taking a shower a few weeks ago when our alarm went off. I grabbed my bathrobe so I wasn't in the neighborhood freezing in my birthday suit, and my phone to make some calls.) Some people were in our backyard taking our stuff, but it turned out they were helping us clean up. This guy then asked me out to a church production the next night. We went, and he said he thought it was my church production, and since it wasn't he still wanted to see mine the next day. While watching, he put his hand over mine and wiggled his fingers to indicate he wanted to hold hands, so I took his hand. He played with my fingers, massaging them :)

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