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Veronica1776's picture
on November 13, 2007 - 11:35pm

I don't get tired of hearing that song, Josh sings it in a way that you can feel his despair, the yearning so truly for the one that has gone. I would never want to cause anyone such pain. Yeah, i cannot keep it a secret anymore, i have fallen, ever so slowly and painfully in love with Josh, not Josh the famous singer, Josh the man, the one that gives, the one that cares, the one that has his family first, the one that always has a smile or something good to say about everybody he meets, yes, i have tried to hide it, but, can no longer bare it. I am sure i am not the only one that feels this way, but, even if he were the guy next door, with that sense of adventure and his gentil, loving, friendly nature, he would just have (and has) my heart forever. I just wanted to share this with you today (i am sure Josh will be sending a restraining order by tomorrow!!) Well gotta go, it's late and i work tomorrow. Thank you guys for being here, my family.

Bye for now.

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