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went to disneyland

lindyjean's picture
on November 14, 2007 - 1:56pm

drove down to disneyland to see josh....i was late, and only got to hear the last taping, and a little bit of the one before. josh was cute, looked a little sleepy...can't blame him....i'd gotten up at 4 am to be there....
there was a lady holding up her little girl,and she told me she had no idea josh would be there, and she was so thrilled to see him.....she told me that she'd had tickets to see him in san diego in april, but a week before the concert, her 43-year old husband dropped dead of a heart attack. she said she went to the show anyway, and josh's music was so soothing. the look on her face was so neat to see....she was just so blown away to see him there. i mentioned how we all say how much we love josh's music, how it makes us feel, but seeing it on her face, and in the sincerity of her voice, was really inspiring. way to go, josh!!!

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