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I´m going to see celine!

vijaykumar's picture
on November 15, 2007 - 9:11am

HEY!!! Guess what?! I´m gonig to the celine dion consert here in sweden! I´ve been trying to get ticets for almost 2 weeks now and i´ve finally gotten two front row ticets for me and my older brother who is a crazy celine dion fan! THANK YOU GOD!! I´m so glad I waited for better ticets, and now I got 2 front row! isn´t that amazing, I can hardly believe it! I´m so excited, she´s no Josh or Mariah but still, it´s Celine Dion! and it was such a perfect birthday/christmas gift to my brother!

Now I just have to find a good christmas gift to everybody else I know and the rest of my family in other words, my five brothers and two sisters... and they´re all mariied so I have to buy something to their wives and husbands as well... (and their kids) my god, this christmas I will be ruined haha I don´t know what to get them... or what to get my friends!! could you guys help me?! I´m thinking of buying a charmbracelet for my younger-older sister who´se my best friends... but I don´t know, I want it to be even more personal, what do you guys think? And then I have my middle-older brother who is on his way of making a movie here in sweden, he´s at the stockholm film festival amung quintin tarantino and more right now, what can I get him? I´m soo confused! So for all of you reading this, just send me idéas of what I can buy them all, I really want to show them how much I love them and since this is the only time of the year everybody gets together and shuts up about their problems I want to celebrate that with great gifts! So if you have an idé, anything! ANYTHING AT ALL!! both for them or for friends don´t be afraid! just let me know! Write to me!

Thanx, Now I have to study, you would think the university would pitty us for just having an anatomy exam two days ago but NO! We´ve started reading about the brain at once!

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