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vijaykumar's picture
on November 15, 2007 - 11:03am

I went to the cardiologist yesterday..bc my hearts been going really fast and ive been getting dizzy a dad told my cardiologist it all started when i touched josh at the charlotte concert lol so I have to have a monitor for a month now everywhere I go and it's soo emberassing because it makes the loudest noise and I have to use it in class at school and In restaurants or the mall and it sounds like a fax machine lol and I've been gone like all week bc they're having the eastern sectionals for figure skating at the factory ice house this week and my sisters a figure skater so weve gone every day..we had to go pick up five of the judges from their hotel this morning at six and take them over to the factory then we watched until like eleven and came back home bc we had to meet the piano tuner so I've been sleeping ever since lol and now im getting ready to go back and watch tonights ice dancing with MariahJosh and sing to people! yesterday was soo funny! This coach asked mariahjosh where she got her salad and she said from her house and the woman wanted to know where she could get one so we told her to go to the village deli next to the factory bc they have really good ceaser salads and thats what we ate before joshs concert in charlotte so ceaser salads are amazing and then mariahjosh told her "Ya just go in there and ask for "Josh" he'll make you one." there's no one that works there named josh lol so then i found out later that my mom knew her and she came over and started talking to my sister about skating it was pretty akward lol and then this morning everyone that we sang to yesterday was there but mariahjosh wont be there until later so I was walking around there alone and they were all looking at me like I was crazy especially this one guy that we called josh yesterday. He walked by our table and we were like "Josh!" and he was like "umm close..I'm Justin" and we were like nooo you're definately josh and he was like "I'm Josh?" and we were like ya and he was like ok and walked away lol and today he was like glaring at me the whole time so I found a new josh that was more like josh anyways he was so awesome! He had josh hair and he was drinking orange gatorade and I pointed him out to everyone I was sitting with and i was like "omg he has josh groban hair..josh groban has josh groban hair! and hes drinking orange gatorade! Josh drinks orange gatorade!" then he started juggling two bottles of gatorade! I was like "omg josh groban can juggle!" everyone was like shhhhhhhh! I'm about to leave for the factory so I'll talk to you guys later :]

-Congrats to Nessajosh for being member of the day!

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