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Slow week, Thanksgiving & house

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on November 16, 2007 - 8:04am

This week has been really slow for me. I dropped my English class so I have just been going along doing other papers. And going to work. I am really tired today. I have been tired all week. I think it's because I was stressed out. Hopefully, I can catch up on some sleep this weekend.

For Thanksgiving my family and I are going to have dinner with my aunt and uncle. That should be fun. And Chad and Amber are going to come too. I haven't seen them in a while.

We bought a house. It is in South Jordan, which is just across the freeway. I went and saw the house and I think it is small. But I know that Mom and Dad don't need a big house now that we're all moving away within the next five years. They seem satisfied with it. I know that some remodeling needs to be done to it. That should get done before we move in. Also the house right now has a lot of bold colors and Mom isn't really into that so they are also going to paint everything before we move in. The room that I get is so small. I don't know how I am going to fit a queen size bed, a nightstand, and two dressers in that room and have room to walk around. The colors in that room don't help much. The walls are a really pretty emerald green. The doors to the closet and the back of the bedroom door are purple. And all the trim is a rich, dark red. The room has one tiny window. With the dark colors it feels smaller than it probably is. I want to paint it white or maybe a light teal. My bed spread is teal with lavender flowers.

Yesterday, I had a really nice chat with a friend from Colorado for 45 minutes. It was nice to hear his voice again. I haven't spoken to him since May or June of 2006. But I do have his email address so we have been sending each other emails.

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