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on November 17, 2007 - 12:23pm

I volunteer once a week at my daughters' school. I work a half-day schedule, so I rush home and change into something comfy as I usually am in the teachers' lounge chopping up paper and making multiple booklets out of construction paper. (I'm getting reallllly good at that! :)). I told each of the girls' teachers I prefer not to work with little kids. That makes me sound like Joan Crawford, but after spending my mornings with teenagers, I really don't want to use up any more of my patience.

Back to the point of my entry.... Thursday, I wore my brown Josh baseball shirt. A little girl in my 2nd grader's class said, "You wear that shirt a LOT!" (Is that a BAD thing???) That's when I yelled out, "Noooo WIRE HANGERS!!!!!!" (Sorry! BAD joke!!!)

Anyway, her comment made me think about the multiple Josh shirts I own, which in turn made me think about what being a "fan" means. Friends joke about my obsession, but what Josh does (and what any artist does) is INSPIRE. Life is crazy, busy, nutty. It's so easy to feel dragged down, overwhelmed, tired, depressed, unappreciated, and burnt out. Josh's music certainly fills that little spot in your heart that needs filling. I battle with my weight. I've always used food to fill that now it's Josh and his work that enters my world and makes me feel better. I wrote Josh a note and gave it to him at the Fresno concert. (I don't know that he read it.) I wrote that I looked forward to listening to his music while I trudged away on the treadmill (otherwise pretty boring) and how his music has helped me lose weight.

I'm sure we've all felt "teased" at one point or another about loving Josh, but he is an inspiration, and I think he would be happy to know that is what his work does for us. He IS gorgeous, yes. That is definitely a bonus. However, the beauty he possesses on the outside PALES in comparison to the beauty he possesses within. He is a true inspiration in every sense of the word and for that, I am quite thankful. :D

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