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on November 17, 2007 - 8:39pm

SPYWARE! SPY ... WARE .... SPY WHERE? ON MY EFFING COMPUTER! *grumble grumble* *kicks something* Okay I'm smoking mad ... and I'm blaming my husband!! For over a month I've been telling him that my computer probably has some sort of virus - and what was his response? Okay ... I'll check it out. But did he? Nope! Not until my computer was completely taken over by spyware and my background was replaced by a deep sea of black ... OMG you talk about spitting nails ... that was me about a week ago when I signed on to my computer and Josh was replaced by popup ads that never stopped. Sooooooo hubby began the tedious job of finding and deleting malicious adverts that had been planted all over my computer. Sooo he says "it's fixed but I may not have gotten everything so I still have to work on it." Yeah ummm Paint Shop Pro won't open and some stupid spyware box kept popping up in front of everything when I was trying to do anything on my desktop. Grrrrrr!!!!!! So the genius says "I'm gonna have to do something I've known I had to do but dreaded ... dun dun dun ... REFORMAT!" Ugh! He SAID he backed everything up, he SAID it would be the same but ... *sniffle* All my SAVED emails ... GONE! *POOF* into oblivion they went. *wahhhhh!* THEN, as if that wasn't bad enough I opened my Firefox browser and my bookmarks are there, all of them of course EXCEPT ALL MY JOSH BOOKMARKS!!!!!!!! What???!!!! Say it isn't so!!! So I spent the morning sobbing like a baby because this has been 3 years of saving websites about Josh that I've stumbled across and now will never, ever see again thanks to hubby ... and what really burns my arse is that all the other bookmarks are there ... EXCEPT THE JOSH ONES!!!!! Well needless to say I accused him of doing it on purpose and he swears up and down he didn't but I still don't believe him. Gonna hafta start back at the beginning and sit up all night long searching for various Josh sites ... you know thinking about it now - again - makes me want to cry again. Some of that stuff I'll never see again ... *wahhhhh*

Calgon take me away!!!!!!! No better still JOSH TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!

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