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Writing this instead of studying...

vijaykumar's picture
on November 18, 2007 - 5:26am

Hey guys! I really should be studying but it´s sunday and i´m just not in the mood... besides i´ve been studying for 1,5 hours, so i should take a break shouldn´t I?? hahah anyhooow, just discovered this amazing new singer, well she´snew to me, but she´s been in the industry for almost 30 years! She´s a cypriotic singer called Anna Vissi, she´s even had a number one singel at the billboard top 100 list as well as been in the eurovision song contest three times. She´s really great! you guys should listen to some of her music, almost all of it is in greek but it´s really really good! You should especially listen to songs like treno, min psachnistin agapi, travma and den me agapas.. great great songs fom a great voice.

If you havn´t heard oriental music before you might find it difficult liking female voices since they´re usually very deep and strong, but there is a cause for that, and if you want to find out why just let me know and i´ll explain if you like what you hear :D

ok so i´m done promoting anna vissi now hahah... I listen to so much diffirent music I just want to share it with you all! Youtube anna vissi, and a hindu song callaed Saajan saajan from the movie barsaat meaning rain. Stunning girls, amazing music, what´s there not to like?! So if anyone ever wants to listen to diffirent music just let me know ad i´ll give you a whole list of music from diffirent countries!

Ok.. i guess that´s it, nothing new here... almost christmas, really looking forward to putting holiday songs in my mp3 and just having a great big dinner with my family and going to church! There is goning to be alot of studying and working as well, but one has to make room for the small finer things that make christmas... since we´re all from so many diffrent countries, I would really like to know how you celebrate christmas! I´m really interested! so tell me! :D ok talk to you later, bye!

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