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The truth is out

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on November 18, 2007 - 9:55am

As I wrote before, the truth is really out. I told my whole family (as if they listened to me)my feeling and of course, some laughed and some ignored me. The point is that they know and I will no longer tolerate their offensive way of talking about Josh. I dislike that so much, Josh has not done a sinlge thing to them and they just bash the poor guy. I was trying to love him as a friend or even more as a brother, but,that cannot be, I just can't. I was trying to get into my head that he is 4 yrs younger than I am, nope, that did not work. I really hope that he has a girlfriend, that way reality will sink in (and pain), and I can be happy. But enough of this, it's easier to think that Josh will never fall in love with a girl like me!

Now that I have poured my heart out to my sisters (and Josh if he is browsing through this journal). I don't celebrate holidays, but, i love the days off it gives me, for example, I will be off from the 21st through the 25th of November!! We work on Flex hours and I get (well this year anyway) the long weekends. More time for just the 2 of us (my son and mommy time). By the way (I knew it wouldn't last) don't forget to watch Josh at the AMA awards, it's today @ 7pm (pst)
Well, gotta go and check the new posts.
Hey Nessa, I saw you on myspace, I was just browising through the comments that Josh has and their you were, nice to meet you.
Bye for now.

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