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It's About Time!!!! and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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on November 19, 2007 - 12:01pm

Well, I think it's been a whole month since I've been able to sit down and post here...I've really missed it, too...just seems like everything snowballed at once and I never could get to just sit down at the computer! Even my personal e-mail account is soooo far behind on my checking it, that I'm not sure I'll ever get caught up. I've thought about everyone here, and wondered how everyone is--I've kept everyone in my prayers that everything is okay and well with them.

I don't even know where I left off with my life in my postings! I know at the time I had not sold any of my hand-sewn dresses (still haven't), but have since had some orders for other things like halloween costumes (along with my own kids' costumes) and curtains (again, along with curtains for one of my daughter's rooms...). I've been so busy, too, sorting through, straightening up, and purging junk through my whole house--even had Craig help to sort through and re-organize the attic. And, I might add, that he had already been doing a fine job keeping it in such good shape that we didn't have to work to hard at it, and even already had time to put up the Christmas tree before I left town. I'm now in Nashville, at my mom's, for a few days of rest(?) with my girls working in mom's store since they're out of school this week. We'll pick up Craig and go on down to my brother's later in the week for 'turkey day'. We planned months ago to head south for Thanksgiving since Craig had to work the whole first part of the isn't very far to go to my brother's, so it makes for a nice long-weekend type trip. Well, I got a phone call yesterday morning that my great-grandmother had been in intensive care and wasn't doing well...I then got another call shortly after, and was told she had passed away. I feel so bad because I can't go to Michigan to be with my dad's side of the family during this time. Plus, it's worse because she had been a victim of elder abuse and identity theft by my great-aunt--her own daughter! So, in all actuality, we had mourned for losing her 3 years ago when the crooked lawyers ruled that we could only talk through them to her! My dad was practically raised by my great-grandmother; he, too, mourned for losing her 3 years ago, but I know he isn't doing well at all with it. I feel helpless. It just isn't feasible for me to take off to Michigan when my husband has to work and my kids are on break--a funeral isn't where they want to go when they've been counting on seeing their cousins! Is this part of what it means to be in the "sandwich generation"???

On a happier note, one of our very best and closest friends called the other night. It's been a while and several unsettling events since we've been able to 'connect' with him. Craig had been able to talk to him a few times, but it had been months since I had. This friend is like a part of our family. So, to be reunited, in a way, with him really put a small portion of peace back into my life! He (and us, too)had been sort of "caught in the crossfire" of a family feud (our families have known each other for years)and a strain had been put on our some of my family members that (once were my closest friends, too--one who is the cousin who introduced me to Josh's music)have decided to just "write us off". As long as I live, I will NEVER understand how you just write off someone so close...nor do I think I'll ever recover all the pieces of my broken heart from it. It's a long, sordid story, so I'll stop at that. I don't want to dwell on it, anyway! this point in time, I'm working on nurturing my little family of 5, my relationship with my husband, and my relationship with God. I know with Him all things are possible. And He won't betray or leave me.

Oh...and also during this past month, my oldest daughter turned 8. She had been sharing a room with her two younger sisters all this time, but had been asking for her own room for over a year. Last Saturday, Craig took her to a football game (she and her daddy are big Alabama fans) and while they were gone, my grandmother and mother-in-law, and yes, my 2 younger daughters (ages 5 and 3) re-did (is that a word? doubtful!) what was the playroom into a room for Riley. She's a big Hannah Montana fan--I had tried to get tickets to a concert for her birthday and couldn't--and mentioned on several occasions wanting that to be the theme of her room if she ever got one of her own. Well, being both a mom, and formerly working as an interior designer, I didn't want to do her room in something that she would grow tired of in less than a year! So, I made HER the "rock star"...I painted the walls aqua, trimmed in purple...bought a reversible aqua polka-dotted nad purple comforter, a purple sequined throw pillow, made some dark purple bolster pillows, bought a dark purple shag rug, and one Hannah Montana aqua/purple throw pillow. My 5-year-old had the idea to make her closet like "backstage", so we painted it lavender and put a big purple star on the door with Riley's name on it. I also cut out purple-glitter-felt letters that spelled out her name and stuck them on some built-in cabinet doors, making it look like the stage--kinda like her name is in lights! I made a purple-on-purple zebra-striped bedskirt and some sheer aqua/glittery curtains trimmed in the same zebra print as the bedskirt. [She has some other Hannah Montana accessories, too. However, since she's the real "star of the show", I bought some tie-dyed felt in purple and aqua that we're going to cut out her hand prints from and stick on a big purple felt star to hang with her name on the cabinets--kinda looking like she's noted on the Hollywood walk of fame! I also have a desk chair still to re-upholster for her, as well as an idea for her very own 'art gallery' where she can hang her many art creations from school...] Needless to say, when she got home from the game, she was totally blown away! She isn't usually a very emotional girl, but this time--after the total shock wore off--she was shedding happy tears and thanking me for all my hard work. THAT, my friends, is definitely in the books as one of my "most proudest" moments in my life!

Okay, so now that I've taken up all this time and space, I'm going in the other room to play a game with Riley. When I post next time, I'll let ya'll know if I truly am smarter than a 5th grader! hahaha

Ooooohh--and one more thing--Riley's friend that has cancer was able to be at her birthday party the other night. Although she is still struggling through treatments, and still has a lot more to go, she was feeling good enough at my house to be turning cartwheels!!! Even her mama was amazed! Just thought I'd give that little update, too!


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