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i have my computer back

lindyjean's picture
on November 21, 2007 - 12:18am

our computer has been down for the past two weeks...i've gotten on sporadically with my son's laptop, but he doesn't like to let us use it (he bought it with his hard-earned money, so it's cool)...we got ours back today, but the hard drive was gone, so i'm having to put things back on....lost my collection of josh photos i've saved over the years, but i have a lot on my flashdrive, so, i'll eventually find most of the others here. i lost all of my itunes, too, which sucks. i have them on my ipod, so i guess i can put them back on the computer, but it's a hassle.....i should do it, though, and put it all on cd, so if something happens to my ipod, i won't lose them completely.
but, anyway, thanksgiving's in a couple of days.....we'll be having our turkey on friday, since a couple of my kids won't be able to make it on thursday. but, on thanksgiving, my HOG and i are going on a nature walk with the local Nature Conservancy group, and we're going to plant sounds kind of silly, to some, but, i think it will be a really good thing to do for Mother Earth. the oaks are indigenous, but in this area, they were plowed under long ago because some guy thought it'd be a good idea to plant groves of eucalyptus, thinking he'd be able to make a fortune...but the kind of eucalyptus they planted isn't good wood for much of anything (except perhaps feeding koalas, and we don't have any of those here!!!). so, the oaks need a little boost to get going there again. we have oaks all over the hills around us--they are my favorite tree, and i'm happy to spend a couple of hours tramping about, learning about the area, and giving back to the earth for a change. the weather should be in the upper 60s, with sunshine, so, it'll be a nice morning. walk off some calories before i eat too much on friday.....
hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving with those you love, and remember to drive safe and sober....

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