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vijaykumar's picture
on November 21, 2007 - 8:50am

Well yesterday was an interesting day. Lots of work done and a bit of a hectic day! Everything went well with my dogs teeth removal. She ended up having to have 3 removed instead of just one. Old age seems to be hard on her teeth! I missed the Oprah show with Josh on it which kind of sucked! But my dog was in surgury! It took her an hour and a half to fully come out from being put under which was a concern but she pulled through just fine. A little sore in the mouth but otherwise fine! While she was recovering I got to see a C-Section done on an english bulldog! 5 puppies born but only 4 made it! I also got to see a cruciate ligament surgury too! It was really interesting! Thank goodness today is a slow day only 3 dogs for grooming and 4 daycare dogs (it will make walking them much easier!!!) Have protection training tonight with Gunda and Mya my other 2 dogs (It's alot of fun and they both love it) I made another Josh Groban fan yesterday (My vet. had never heard him before and I was playing him on my CD player and she loved it and actually put it on in the surgury room! I hope everyone out there has a wonderful day!!

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