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Josh on Oprah!

TaleenKaye1's picture
on November 21, 2007 - 11:25am

OMG - Josh was so awesome and amazing on Oprah! When he came out I "fell in love" with him and that voice all over again! Talk about the epitome of a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous looking man - and oh, that voice - it nearly brought tears to my eyes when he was singing Silent Night. It felt like he was back in Milwaukees singing to me again in the front row seats. He sure has the voice of an angel and also love the fact that David Foster was there with him and Josh playing the piano and singing a part of It Came Upon the Midnight Clear. I also recorded it and have been watching it over and over again - such a flawless performance and the best one yet! Would have loved to give him that last hug that Oprah gave him - just am thankful that I did get a hug from him during his Awake concert performance in Milwaukee (yes, those of you who saw him in Milwaukee I was the fan who gave him the teddy bear with the pixie sticks and got a hug at the beginning of the show!) Am looking forward to seeing Josh on Oprah again on her upcoming Tuesday show and gracing us with another beautiful song. What a Josh-filled week it'll be next week! Everyone have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving as I'm sure our Josh will have with his family!!! We love you Josh - God bless and take care!

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