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happy thanksgiving

lindyjean's picture
on November 22, 2007 - 7:37pm

well, more people said they're having trouble than not (lucky you, nessa), it's not just me...i'd wonder about renewal, but wyatt fixed me up with that, so i know i'm current (and gundarocks is new, so her membership is current)....i sent wyatt an email thru my regular email, and perhaps he'll fix it when he comes in tomorrow, or over the weekend, or next week....if they know there are problems, maybe they'll make someone come in over the holiday weekend (sorry, guys!)to get it straight.
we're having our big turkey feast tomorrow, so tonight, we had hamburgers. one of my sons' friends was over, having had his big dinner earlier, and he had a burger with us...i have everything ready to go for tomorrow, though...i have the turkey brining in a big ice chest, the chopped onions, celery, and such is waiting for the stuffing mix, and the pies are in the fridge. i'll make cranberry sauce tomorrow....yummy! can't wait, cuz our burgers were less than spectacular (i'm not a fan---just of In-N-Out's burgers) so, for all of you here, hope you have a nice sleep tonight, with your belly full of tryptophan....

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