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Having a good time

vijaykumar's picture
on November 23, 2007 - 9:20am

Good morning Everyone, I had a pretty good day yesterday, I came out of the cat grooming with minimal bites and scratches although my one arm looks like a horror movie masacre! Nothing like a little pain added to the day! My niece got picked for her choir tryouts yesterday so she is pretty excited about that. She didn't think that she would get into it but i think that she is happy now! Nice slow friday, It makes for a nice start to the weekend. 2 more cats to groom and a scottish terrier! Only 3 dogs in daycare (easy walking!)I actually have a weekend off this week so I think that I will do absolutly nothing! Except bake dog cookies, finish my sewing projects, clean the house, practice my song pieces, and go down to a family friends house to shave her dog and help to clean (she suffers from a very serious heart condition and is very weak right now, pick up dog food and clear out the freezer so i can put it in there!,go to church and help out with the sunday school christmas concert (hence the practice for my songs I am singing What child is this although never as well as Josh!)and i know that I have a few other things to do but I can't remember them now! Does anyone else out there have weekends that are more hectic than actual work days?!! Oh well it keeps me out of trouble anyway! I hope everyone out THere has a wonderful weekend and I'll be back to work on monday (I hope all of your thanksgiving's were fantastic!)

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