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pixie sticks!!!....everywhere!!!!!

Nessa7's picture
on November 23, 2007 - 9:08pm

today i went christmas shopping with my grobanite mother. a tradition that the two of us do. we both shop. with her money.
so, since i stepped out of the house, i saw guys all over selling pixie sticks. boxes full of pixie sticks!!
it's like josh made a wish or something!!!
every 2 minutes i woulds see them and i would laugh. and say "oh josh, you're 4" ahahaha!

my brother came w/ my karen, derek and the new gorgeous add to the family, Leilanni.
we bought pizza and we watched about 5 episodes of man v.s. wild.

had a great thanksgiving. about 30 people. NO TURKEY LEFT! or mash potatoes. *tear* i like potatoes.
well, gotta go find things i need for more christmas shopping.
have a great night. happy josh dreams.

grobie hugs,

p.s. speaking of josh dreams, i had was very naughty. ahem. ummm, yeah. no details.

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