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So...I'm a Grobanite eh?

vijaykumar's picture
on November 24, 2007 - 5:46pm

Ah man....I groomed so many animals today!
Me Tired! 3 cats (1 hecka mean)1 lab, 1 mixed lab thing, 2 wheatens and a big poodle! Like I said I'm TIRED!
Anyhow, I just did some working out, though so I should be getting an energy buzz pretty soon...
I feel like Indian food tonight...they have something called Lamb Roganjosh...I thought it was I could see all the Grobanites ordering the Lamb RoganJOSH.
My friend asked me last night if i wanted to go to a party with her...I'm not really one for parties unless I don't know people and I can just hit the dancefloor without having to worry if someone will recognize me ;) So, I said No.
Anyone here got Myspace???
I like this board! It's cool because I don't really have any real-life friends here like I do on myspace...but hopefully that will change :)
Man, I'm hungry, for REAL!

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