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Why did i have to get bucked off today?

vijaykumar's picture
on November 26, 2007 - 4:17pm

Man....I'm a little upset today. I went to the stable today with an intention to ride my new horse. I have a serious "fear" when it comes to riding actually, I've had SO many bad experiences(from my last horse,Brandon) recently that nearly cured me of my love for horses.So, as a result I have a lot of anxiety just driving to the stable.I listened to the AWAKE album all the drive out there.And it really REALLY helped me. So,I had gotten enough courage by the time I got there to actually take the saddle out and put it on the horse. I don't know how many times I walked that horse around the arena tacked up before I actually felt comfortable enough to ride.Then, we just walked.And walked, and walked. Then I picked up a trot and she did great.All of this time I've had this horse I've been reluctant to canter...but I said well it's time to find out what she's like at a canter.I was feeling particularly confident.So, my new horse bucked me off at a canter today.I was doing pretty good until about the fourth buck in a row. I don't know why she did it. But it certainly surprised the heck out of me!
Secondly it pissed me off. I was SO mad and I had SO much adrenaline pumping that my legs literally were shaking uncontrollably.I had to take a walk around the arena to get my legs under control. So I contemplated getting on her again, which is what you're supposed to do...after about 4-5 minutes I decided to get back on and just walk. So, I did and she was ok. Maybe it's just me. Maybe it was just my fault, maybe I pushed her too far? I don't know but I think you should be able to ask a horse for a simple canter without getting bucked off.Right? I feel stupid.
So, as I stood there staring at the little hair swirls on her chest contemplating whether or not I wanted to get back on, I thought "Do I really want to do this anymore?".....I havent answered that question yet...maybe I just need a horse like my wonderful quarter pony I had. She was fast, but NEVER spooked,bucked, or ran away with me. She was SO awesome.I could rider her down the main street and she'd never even blink an eye!! I miss her SO much! My little Redd Robbin :(

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