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vijaykumar's picture
on November 26, 2007 - 4:19pm

OMJ OMJ OMJ OMJ OMJ!! jordanjosh just got here b/c were going to have a suprise dinner for rodney! its his bday. and when she walked in she kicked in the package. i screamed the whole time i was opening it! and when i saw the shirt. i just took my shirt off right there. hahahaa. and put it on. and smelt it. and kissed it. and jordanjosh was like what the heck? haha. then i got the cd and layed it on the counter. and clapped for it. and said "well done josh!!" and jordan was standing there looking at me like i had serious problems. lol. then i yelled at her. "clap for josh!!" and she was like. "oh, yes. bravo!" lolll. and then i kissed the membership card. and kept scremaing "josh groban is on my body josh groban is on my body!!!!!" lolll. and then i realized my box was broken and the cover of the picture thingy in the cd. was bent & ripped a little :( but oh well. then i put it in. and jordanjosh actually danced a little to february song!! with me. josh would be so proud of her. now were listening to awake. and i actually got her to start TWILIGHT!!!! a;lksdjfs. and im gonna show her the awake dvd soon. =]

-spread the josh-

-signing off

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