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No Charlie Brown Christmas... no sir.

vijaykumar's picture
on November 26, 2007 - 6:45pm

Yesterday I came home from a long weekend with my boyfriend ( I stayed over at his house). I come home to my house ( me and the parentals) and my mother has freaking went crazy with Christmas. The tree is up, the garland on the fireplace, the numerous little christmas trees that are scattered about.

No Charlie Brown Christmas

Though at work today we blared the Christmas music as LOUD as we could. I told my boss that I AM playing christmas music no matter what. It's just flipping retarted that they say that we can't decorate for christmas. It's like ignoring the holiday.

I know Chris ( the boyfriend) has bought me my present all ready. He's being real sneeky and stuff. I think he actually bought my birthday present too. (its on Jan 5th) It's driving me nuts because I don't want to peek because I want to be suprised. Uuuh the waiting!

Also he knows that I haven't bought HIM a present though. He's so damn hard to shop for! He's a gamer,(loves nitendo, playstation, the Wii... all that) and basically buys everything that I could easily get for him. He's such a little boy sometimes. Can't wait. He forces me to be creative, to think outside the "gamer". I am thinking of getting him a digital picture frame. He's been oohing and aaaahing over those for months.


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