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Josh & NE-YO????????

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on November 27, 2007 - 5:11am

Monday, November 26, 2007
Hi, Everyone!!!!!
Just thought you might find this interesting...let me know what you think. Take care & God Bless!!!!

Josh Groban Befriends Celine, Masters Soulja Boy Dance
AOL Music: Popeater
November 26, 2007
By Steve Baltin
Josh Groban is currently riding high with his hit holiday album, but the singer told Popeater backstage at the American Music Awards he is ready to move forward. "The nice thing about holiday music is it's great for the holidays. The flip side of that though is it makes you yearn to get back in the studio," Groban says. "I've been recording holiday music since June, so I'm holidayed out."
Groban plans to head back to the studio soon, and he already has some ideas for the next record, including continuing his love for world music that he displayed by recording with Ladysmith Black Mambazo. "It's gonna be fun on the next album to do a lot more writing," he says. "It's gonna have a lot more world music and a lot more writing from me."
Groban was on hand at the AMA's to introduce Celine Dion, which was a thrill for him. "It's very full circle because when I was 17 years old, she was who I was able to sing with at the Grammy rehearsals," he recalls. "I was so nervous. I told her what an honor it was. She said, 'Keep working hard and one day you'll make it.' She's a great friend and I'm a huge fan."
With the new album on the mind, Groban said the AMA's might have inspired some collaboration ideas. "It's always interesting -- especially when you see like Sugarland and Beyonce perform -- here are no boundaries," he says. "Who knows? Maybe Ne-Yo and I will be getting together soon. I already mastered the Soulja Boy dance."

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