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feeling guilty

lindyjean's picture
on November 27, 2007 - 2:02pm

i'm at work right now....i used to post from work all the time, because i hated that job and it was my passive-aggressive way to get back at the boss....but now i'm in a job i love, and i feel like i should be doing something else, but there are reasons for my not doing my regular work. i'm a school librarian. every hour, teachers reserve time in the library for their students. one teacher has not come in, yet again, so i have a free hour. i cannot shelve the books that are out, because after regular school hours, there are kids who come in here, and they are only allowed to get books from the cart of need-to-be-put-away books, not the actual shelves of organized books. so, i'm leaving books purposely un-put-away, so they will have something to read besides the little kids' picture books. so, i've done the paperwork that's been sitting around, and i've straightened up the shelves....and now i must wait for 3:45, when the after-school kids come (it's only 2pm right now)....i can't even listen to my ipod and josh, cuz i left it on and the battery is dead and my charger is at home. so, here i am, on the boards....bad me....

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