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on November 29, 2007 - 8:25pm

I'm so physically tired I can hardly sit up and type, but my brain is wide awake! Not necessarily working, but I'm wired. I have to document the first two shows so I don't forget all their yeah.

Last night's show, for me, was the best so far. Nativity felt like a mini Master's Plan (MP). I haven't been in a Biblical costume in so long! Before last year I took a few years off of GCN for college, and before that I was always in Kings Court. Plus the music has that great drum beat which makes it so fun to dance to. The only problem was I lost my shoe at the end of the dance, so I was doing my paddle turns praying I wouldn't twist an ankle. It was tied around my ankle and flopping around. Haha! After we finished dancing I whispered to a lady near me, "I'm going to join your family group for a minute and try to fix my shoe." I got it on again somehow, then realized I had to get across the stage, crossing in front of Mary and Joseph by myself. The second the angel dancers finished I ran over like I always do, pretending to be so excited I have to run around and talk to people.

Then Darrell Shires sang Midnight Cry! He sang it for the first 15 years we did the show, so to those of us who've been in it that long, he's the only one who can/should sing the song. I started crying as I came down the aisle, my eyes glued to him. By the time I got on stage I was bawling because I was so happy. I was afraid my mascara was going to run down on to my white costume, but it didn't.

Tonight I almost cried when he didn't sing. He's apparently only doing 5 shows, which is really is a shame. I hope they put him on the DVD!!

The show is now at 2 hrs 30 min, it's longest ever. They're cutting some things and moving scenes around tomorrow, so that should prove interesting.

My table in the dressing room is so much fun! The people crack me up. They were telling a story tonight about how when one of their friends turned 40 they dressed like they were 80 and took her to a local buffet. I can totally see it.

Oh they did cut 30 seconds of one of the songs tonight but failed to tell the people in that scene. It's this girl and 3 guys who dance with her (lucky girl, right? :) Smack in the middle of the scene the music changed, and they didn't know what to do. I didn't see it, but as I was leaving the dressing room the girl passed by, and she looked P.O.'d. Then I heard one of the guys telling someone.

I need sleep. I wish I wasn't so wired! We did have our real baby Jesus tonight. Last night Mary had a doll. Not cool.

I could ramble on but I won't...

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