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Sadness and Confusion

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on November 30, 2007 - 8:10pm

I can't find my laptop! I haven't seen it since Tuesday. Haven't even tried to use it since then... It has to be in the house at least... can't look for it now with people sleeping. Mom sprained her ankle in the church parking lot last night and can't get up the steps so she's sleeping the living room. :/

I'm also confused by boys. One in particular. He keeps flirting with me, despite the fact he's LIVING with his GIRLFRIEND. What does he think I'm going to do, flirt back? I'm no idiot. She could walk in at any time. And this guy and I aren't even friends, or see each other enough for it to be flirting for "fun." There isn't even any way he would know my name. But tonight I was walking down the hall and we happened to meet eyes. He grabbed my hand as he walked past, and his hand slid up my arm until we were too far apart to touch. He never said a word. It was the most random thing ever. He had touched me earlier, putting his hand on my back as he went past me in a small space. That seemed less random at least. I just keep thinking, "what does he want out of me?" I see this guy on stage in nativity, and I interacted with him before he'd interact with me. That's another story... He never came to rehearsals, but his dad was always standing there, so I grew accustomed to interacting with his Dad. I'd formed a habit of interacting with the person standing there, which now is this guy instead of his dad. At first he was hesitant to interact with me, but when he realized I would run up to him every show, he started getting in to it, and now he grabs my hands and stares into my eyes, singing. I literally have to tear myself away because I get lost in a guy's eyes too easily. So now off stage he's touching me as well? He thinks that because I'm okay with it onstage, then offstage is okay as well? Honestly I keep wondering about his relationship with his g.friend. I've only seen them together once--about a week ago he layed in her lap. But it's not just the touching, it's the looking. While waiting to go on for nativity he kept glancing over his shoulder at me while I put on my sandals and fixed my headpiece. He doesn't talk to me, just looks (and now I guess touches). Tomorrow we have 4 shows, with 2 meals, so perhaps he'll decide to talk to me and I can learn more about him and why he'd behave this way. Ok rant over, feeling better now :)

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