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on December 1, 2007 - 9:53am

Took my wooden hall tree to work. Boss was standing in the hall as I entered looking at me like I had lost it. ( I pretty much have lol )I told him it was "Take your Hall Tree to Work Day" He said, "oh heck, I missed that memo." LOL And the next day I enetered with a beach umbrella.
It was "Take your Beach Umbrella to Work Day." He missed that memo too. And now we have "a great big coconut tree" in my classroom. My idea worked. Package taped the umbrell to the hall tree. Made giant palm leaves & taped them onto the umbrella. Vwola...instant "great big coconut tree" Boss entered my room and said.."Wow a cabana..
you went all out." IT's A COCONUT TREE !" So it needs more leaves...not done yet. Bought xmas bells and snow. As the song goes:
Set: decorated prop coconut tree &us in Hawaiian shirts and sun glasses and visors"
One assistant will be an elf with a student santa in Hawaiina shirts, glasses, visors. They will push our lunch cart in
(the lunch cart will be the
canoe.) I NEED A HUGE PIECE OF CARDBOARD. I figure I can
have the bottom part as fake water painted on it with a canoe painted on it above and
attach it to the cart and
the santa and elf could be pushing it only people will see just their top haves like they are riding in the canoe.

Let's get away from sleigh bells" (we'll toss the bells"
"Let'sget away from snow" (we'll throw fake snow at the audiance")

How'd ya like to spend xmas
On xmas island
How'd ya like to hang stockings
on a great big coconut tree
(thus the hall tree & umbrella)
And the kids have made the stockings to hang on the coconut tree.

Still need to figure out a little dance move for the group.

Got antlers for one assistant and one student. to walk in in front of santa & elf in the canoe. They're going to hang a stocking on the tree too.

Still working out the timings and fine details.

Yesterday I walked in with my turkey roaster. Told the boss it was bring your roaster to work day. He said, "oh I missed that memo too!" LOL

I had gone to the store and saw fresh natural turkey's on sale 1/2 off. I bought a small one and thought I would roast it for myself. But not time at night. So I took it into work and roasted a turkey for my class. And brought cranberry sauce, corn, potatoes, lettuce, celery, spices, honey, olive oil,two apples, italian bread. The students prepared the baked potatoes and salad. I had them make the olive oil and spices/garlic bread to use to make stuffing. Put the apples & honey in the stuffing and turkey. OMJ...delicious. VERY MOIST as a result. Students loved it. So did staff. So did I ! And the smell of it cooking through the building. YUM !

Missed all the Josh Groban on tv fun due to work. Rats.
Some of the pictures on the other side of the wall ...OMJ...That Groban's a handsome man...the hair is looking GREAT. I like it that length.

So today I am off to search for a large piece of cardboard to creat a canoe & H2O.

And do a little shopping for gifts. And eat breakfast...have not done that yet...and it is already pm.

Chow for now !


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