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i missed you all!!

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on December 3, 2007 - 1:47pm

my quixote computer doesn't work! grr! i spit on you!!!
so, i'm finally back on and using my schools computers.

we finally bought our christmas tree yesterday, i still have a bit of a "timbre" but i'm ok. i'm like josh, i still sing with my phlemg.

so, my schedule for december is looking really tight. school, finals, rehearsals, performances, christmas. wow! i'm still sane. ahahaha! like josh says, it's a weird life but i wouldn't change it. unless of course i became famous, toured with josh and married him.

i love my nephew! on saturday morning, my mom, derek, and i were decorating the house very christmas-ie. and my mom was listening to her spanish music and it was on the last song of the cd, and all of a sudden "mai" starts playing. we all how the song starts. well, my nephew derek, heard the beginning and just stared at the stereo. and then josh started singing, and derek says "YOSH!!!!!!!!!" with the biggest smile on his face.
omj! it was just the best morning ever!! my mom and my dad started dancing to "you are loved" on sunday morning. and, it was just about the funniest thing. my mom's already a grobanite and so is derek (obviousely) but i think i'm slowly turning my dad into a grobanite. yay!!!
he did buy me "noel" from vegas.

well, i gotta go do math stuff. good grief! and i missed you all, hopefully, i'll find a computer tommorrow so i can visit fojg.

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