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I spit on you laptop!!

Rileysmom's picture
on December 3, 2007 - 5:11pm

Last week when Josh appeared suddenly on my TV screen singing Oh Come All Ye Faithful, my computer bit the dust.

Why? you ask.

Well....Here's the deal. I'm sitting there surfing FOJG. I had the TV on waiting on the Tree Lighting.

All of a sudden Josh appears and I get so excited that I say "OMG!" and my hand slammed down on the laptop.

It froze up.

I got angry at it because I wanted to post "OMJ...He's opening the show!" But nothing.

I tried to reboot it and it gave me an internal error message.

I was terrified that I tore up my computer. And guess where everything Josh is stored. Right there on the hard drive.
Tons of pictures, articles, videos and special goodies.

I put it out of my mind because I couldn't bear to think about losing all that stuff.

Well today...good news. It came home from the shop and the guy said the hard drive was ok. But it would need a new one soon.

So...I'm backing up stuff asap.

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