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vijaykumar's picture
on December 4, 2007 - 11:48am

MariahJosh and I were the phantom of the opera at the factoryjosh this week :] we put black gloves on and sang to people and covered up the right side of our face with our hand and screamed "dont look at my face!Don't look at my face!" to everyone that we passed lol It was sooo funny! Then we went to eat at ziggys to see taulsenjosh (the vampire waitorjosh) and he was the first person to guess who we were being! he was like "are you guys the phantom of the opera today?" and then mariahjosh asked him if his name was edwardjosh (an amazing vampire from twilight by stephenie meyer) and he was like "edwardjosh? umm no" we haven't told him that we think he's a vampire because he might take it the wrong way :] so then she was like "is your name taulsenjosh?" because thats what it sounded like he said the last time we came and he was like "taulsenjosh? no..TOWN-SEND" and we were like oohhh ok townsendjosh. lol We make his Tuesdays interesting..I'm going to be the phantom of the opera with mariahjosh again so I'll talk to you guys later :]
Grobie <3 always,

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