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My day off.........

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on December 5, 2007 - 8:05am

I have so much to do today...and I'm sitting here watching the Noel DVD.

Did Josh say "balls to the wall" on there?


That's what we say all the time at work. Because that's how it always is. the freakin' WALL!!

Anyway, I'm so glad for a day off...and like I said..tons to do.

First of all....I've GOT to get my brows done. That is priority. Then I need to put color on my hair. My girls at work are giving me a hard time. I keep telling them to bite my... but I'm really going to do it today.

I've got to get some more shopping done. Dang...I hate it.

Good ol' Robert. He really is a smart guy...but he ordered something online and guess who got the confirmation email?

So...I now know that I'm getting an outdoor firepit for Christmas!!!

..and I'm ecstatic about it!!!!

I've always wanted one of those!!!!

Last night I went to an ornament exchange with a bunch of girls.
That was a lot of fun. We played it "dirty Santa" style.
You take each other's ornaments if you like them, but the ornament can only change hands 3 times, then it's frozen. It was a hen party.

The Kost1035 interview was adorable. When he was talking about the most primadona thing he's ever done. Hiring an assistant. I just love him to pieces.

Ok..enough goofing....I've got to get busy here.

*goes to watch Noel DVD again*

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