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on December 5, 2007 - 8:36pm

We were in Style Weekly :) The monks even got their own paragraph. It says we're "truly hysterical" and ends, "Ridiculous, yes, and sublime."
The Richmond Times-Dispatch was here sometime this past weekend as well.

Patient First dared send me another bill, so I emailed them and said they have one last chance before I go to the Better Business Bureau. I can't take the insanity any longer. Probably I should go the BBB either way.

There's a guy at work who I'm sure likes me way more than I like him. He wants to eat lunch together daily now, and he visits my desk daily as well. He even called me one just to ask if I was busy at the moment. I said I wasn't too busy, but then said bye and hung up! And he enjoys annoying me. He went to the show last weekend and kept saying he was going to leave because he was "a guy"and "jewish." He asked if there were dreidels in the show. Later he said he wasn't really going to leave because he had been looking forward to it for so long. What to do with boys? My pastor the other day just said, "Boys are weird, man... They're fickle. I'm sorry." That's encouraging...

There's this guy who's in nativity near me who's so adorable I just want to take him home :) He's 16, I'm guessing, and he looks at me with his big brown eyes. I just want to hug him. Today he was standing right where I wait to run through the stage door, and a few seconds before I ran onstage I looked at him, and he was just looking at me with that look of admiration. Cutest thing ever. I smiled and he smiled back. Love those moments. During the scene though I looked over and he was just looking at me. I smiled and gave a look of "can you believe all this?" He just kept looking at me, so I just smiled at him waiting for him to react, then finally he gave me a little smile. He and this other guy were watching me as I started to dance. I felt quite special, indeed. Way to make me nervous, though!

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