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Having Fun!

vijaykumar's picture
on December 6, 2007 - 9:08am

My sister finally hooked me up to an MSN account and it is amazing how much you can "talk" to the people you love! I haven't seen my brother in about a year and i finally got to "talk" to him! he works on the rigs, he's in king salmon alaska right now! and injoying the warm weather! he said it's only about -1 degrees celcius there right now and here where i am it's about -15 degrees celcius! It is amazing how much you can catch up with people! mind you it doesn't bode well for the work habits!! It's funny though how people have shortened words like NP and LOL and LMAO and ROFL (i get it but it took alot of silly questions!) It is sure nice to catch up with people on these boards as well, it's nice that you can make so many friends and not have to go anywhere to do it! the internet has some wonderful uses! I wonder if i am the only one that perks up when Josh comes on the radio, i could be listening to it all day and then when he comes on it's like HEY! i know that voice so lets crank the volume!! Have alot of dogs in the daycare again (12) and only 2 dogs to groom, it should be an easy day!! i have choir tonight again (love it!!) i always think that it is amazing that when a few people get together you can make such wonderful harmony!!i have a silly question! how many of you out there have dreams with Josh in them? I have to admit I had my first one last night! It's weird that i had a new one (all of my dreams are usually reoccuring dreams) but it was sure nice to wake up and remember it!! think that maybe i am obsessing way too much?!! my family would probably think so!! except that they all love his music as well! mmmmmmmm Friday is almost here! can't wait for the weekend! Well I hope that everyone out there has a wonderful day, and keep on joshin!!!

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