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More Christmas stuff........etc.

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on December 8, 2007 - 6:55am

My first christmas party at my new job was last night. I realized as I was sitting there that I truly did make the right job move. It's a great group of people and they really put on the dog for us.

You know this time of year has been so crazy that I didn't have much time to find an outfit to wear, so night before last I left the kids alone and rushed to Catos.
I ran into the store, pulled some cute black pants off the rack and a cute shirt nearby and tried them on. Looked good to me, so I bought them.

It was the fastest shopping I've ever done. I left the house at 7 and pulled back in the driveway at 7:30.

Anyway....back to the party. It was at this really cool restaurant right by the river downtown. We had a few beverages.....heh heh. Guess what we sang on the way home...
IIIIIM a little bit drunk...dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah....
Of course Robert wasn't, but I was a little tipsyyyy.
They gave us free wine....what the heck did they expect?
I won 50 bucks in the drawings. They gave us a really nice sweat zipup.
The food was incredible. I love everyone to death there. Fun times indeed.

So this morning I was jarred awake with wonderful news. My mom calls and says "Well...I figured out why Reagan's head has been itching so bad."

You know where this is going........

I just sank back on the couch. Freakin' nasty headlice.
I couldn't believe it. I looked and looked and didn't see a thing on her head.

Good ol Grandma with bifocals. If I weren't so gagged out, I'd laugh at that part.

She informed me that she had already "taken care" of the problem on Reagan's head.

Now....I'm here with a full days work ahead of me. I have to strip all the beds and completely de cootie the house.
Yeah, Reagan and I share hairbrushes.
I've already thrown all the brushes away.
I have one of Robert's ballcaps on. I'm freaking out because if I get them....I can't go to work for a couple of days and I do not want my co workers to know why. Aaack.

Reagan has that darn rabbit in her room. You think this is where they came from? Or maybe some other kid at school.
We really are clean people. I read just now on the "lice" websight that they like clean hair.

Robert doesn't have to worry about it because he shaves his head. Reagan had slept in our bed the other night too!!

Good thing I passed out on the couch last night and didn't sleep in my bed.
See? There is good that comes from having too much wine.


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