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Christams Work Party Tonight !

vijaykumar's picture
on December 8, 2007 - 12:14pm

Got a work xmas party to attend tonight. Have to bring a white elephant gift and some munchies. My imaginary boyfriend is coming with me. LOL. Just kidding. Goin solo
because I am one of the plenty of fish in the sea.

So Josh is in Norway. Wow, he sure is a man about country (town)LOL. Part of the jet set. Cute Norway report on the other side of the wall by Norway grobies posted in the Indy thread.

Oh, I am finished creating my JG contest ornament. I had fun making it. Can't wait to mail it off. I left it in my desk drawer at work. I took it with me so I would remember to mail it off Friday and I put it in a bag of reinforcers I purchased for the students and so it went into the classroom with me and I put it in the desk drawer. And there it sits. When the contest peeps are done lookin at it, I will it to Josh Groban for his tree. I did it with an AWAKE theme. A hint: "It looks dam# cool"

Watched the Noel dvd. That was a lot of fun to watch.

Real rough week for me at work.
So happy to rest today.

I have missed all of the tv appearances, you know that thing called work got in the way. Maybe I'll catch him on Larry King. I usually catch his show.

I wonder what songs Josh is considering for the next cd ?

At least one french song please.

Xmas vacation coming up soon !
2 weeks to re energize. Yeh !

Hay I have the smartest animals in the world. My betta fish is a genius. I call him and he comes to the side of the tank by me. I ask him to give me a kiss and he blows me a bubble. LOL

And my dog is a savant for sure. Today he woke me up and
said, "I love you" which was a way to buffer the fact that he woke me up so I would let him outside. I swear it sounded like he said that. And every time I give him his food, he does not just start eating it, he waits until he makes eye contact with me as if to say "thank you" and I tell him "you are welcome Buddy." And then he starts eating.

Positively geniuses !

Bye for now.

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