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Cold and in pain!!

Veronica1776's picture
on December 9, 2007 - 12:14am

Hello all,
I am in such pain! I have kidney stones and man they are killing me. I guess i ate something spicy, that's all it takes. I am missing Josh like crazy, it's like i lost a best friend. I feel sad that i cannot go to his concert in Africa, but, money is tight. The company i work for had their "Employee Appreciation" dinner on Friday, it was really fun. My friend Maribel won the 42" plasma t.v.!! I lost by one number, i was 9563 and 9564 was called, i am so happy for her, it could not have gone to a better person. We all got ipod nanos!! I was so happy, i got one last year, so this i gave to my little brother Moises, he has wanted one for a long time, i was so happy to see that he loved it.
I'm a little melancholy (beside the fact that i am in pain!) because.... I MISS JOSH!! I really do. I know that we can see him on t.v.(when i'm not at work!), but, it's not the same when you get to see him, even if it's on the Thursday surprise. I love it when he directs his attention to us. I'm just feeling neglected (even though he doesn't know i exist!)
By the way Nessa,
1. Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen
2. Tess of the D'ubervilles-Thomas Hardy
3.Eragon and Eldest-Christopher Paolini (trilogy, last book not out yet.
And of course, all the HP Books.
Well, gotta go.
Bye for now.
Come on Josh send us (me) a letter, please, Pretty please, with two cherries on top.


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