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excited and sad

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on December 9, 2007 - 6:24am

Today's the last day of performances!!! I always cry afterwards, and am depressed the next few weeks. My body is screaming for a break but my heart doesn't want to leave all the wonderful people I've been with these past 4 months. The next one is already in the works (!) and I know I'll be so excited about it that I'll be glad this one ended so we could do that one.

Boys sure are interesting! The guy who's been flirting with me backstage, despite his current relationship, is now flirting less and talking more. I decided that was the only way he knew to "break the ice" but for some reason he wanted to talk to me. He has a sister and I notice he acts the same way with her as he does with me, so he probably doesn't think he's being flirtatious with me, just his goofy self. His mind amazes me, actually. I'm tempted to tell him we should sit down some time with the Bible and go over some stuff. The other night we discussed angels and whether or not they really "fly" but "float" because they don't have the same bodies we do. He started talking about how many wings various angels in the Bible have. So tonight I asked him how he comes up with things like that. He said he has lots of questions about the Bible, like who Cain thought was going to kill him. Then he said people don't understand Revelation, but all they have to do is read about Nebuchanezzar's dream and we see the interpretation right there. This guy fascinates me. We were nearing the end of the fourth show at this point, and he could remember all these details from the Bible. I barely knew my own name.

There's another boy who's even more interesting. I think he's actually 10 years older than me. We've known each other casually for several years, having met at church when I first started college. Lately I thought he was looking at me differently, but I didn't want to say that for sure. Yesterday I was sitting on a bench waiting for my scene, which is about 40 mins after my first one. He sat next to me, put his arm around me, and moved me so that my head was laying on his chest. We just sat like that a few minutes, then he had to go. About 10 mins. later he came back and said I could lay on him again. Ha, I ended up with my head in his lap! I was so tired I had no sense of what's appropriate. I closed my eyes, and every time someone walked by he said, "Sh, monk sleeping." To shorten the conversation, he asked me how old I am, we decided to take the ballroom class together in January, and he said he wants my phone number. I'm rather in shock because he is older, and we're not exactly even friends right now. It took him 5 years to learn to spell my name! All I know about him is he "likes to do relationships" (who says that, right??) he has "a mancave" and he likes to ballroom, esp the tango and waltz. I'm a little scared to dance with him; that's going to be weird. Now that I know how it feels to have a guy leading you...

At the risk of sounding like I'm all about guys, I'm really going to miss this one guy when the show ends. There's a scene with 4 guys and a girl which I watch from backstage. He comes off, throws off his tux jacket and cumber bun, and throws on his sweater for the youth scene, then runs back on stage. I've been making sure his sweater's ready and hanging up his tux stuff. He's just a really nice guy, and even though he's only backstage changing for a minute, tired and in a mad dash to get back on stage, we always have a nice mini-conversation.

I can't wait to get to church but then again I don't want to because it'll be all over... at least the monks have been asked to do the Hallelujah chorus at church on the 23rd. Quite an honor! I kept saying we should do it in a service, and I think we should go on tour as well :P

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