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Christmas Stuff

suzypooh's picture
on December 9, 2007 - 11:42am

I just love this new CD and hope Josh does more in the future. i think he actually said he would in a recent interview. It sure is nice seeing so much of Josh during the holiday season. He's on Regis and Kelli tomorrow too. My favorite song is - well there are two actually - Midnight Clear and Drummer Boy. I just love them both. I have heard Josh when I go to the store and in the car. Wow he is really getting a lot of airplay this season. That is especially nice. I think Josh is going to find that making a Christmas album was one of the smartest and most lucrative moves yet. I am looking forward to seeing how things unfold for him in the next few years with his life and ambitions. When he gets married and has kids, etc. I think seeing a little Joshie running around on stage would be the cutest thing in the world. Josh has been so good about being available to all of his fans this last tour. I hope I get an chance to meet him in the future. Just that it is so expensive to travel and he doesn't come to the midsouth hardly ever. Just gotta keep my Josh attennaes up - things will open up eventually. I just hope I know whenever Josh does come to town. I would hate it if he was here and I didn't know it. That would be so awful. Of couse being on the fanclub site helps some. But sometimes they don't tell us. Like for the Oprah show - no one had a clue. But of course that had to be kept hush hush - there would have been no way they could have pulled it off otherwise. It would just be nice to be on the inside of things sometimes. To have the inside scoop on things coming up before everyone else. Wow! What a treat.

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