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vijaykumar's picture
on December 9, 2007 - 2:32pm


so first, ORNAMENT!!
i just got back from michaels,
and i got glass balls & supplies to make my ornament for the contest! and so im about to go watch LOST(great show everrr) and try and start making the ornament! YAYYY! OMJ if i get to be one of the five that gets a signed copy!!! ;alskdjf;alsddkf. i would die! but even if i don't, im gonna take a picture of it and im gonna make another one so ill have one to keep, and at least i tried, and did it for josh!

second, PIANO!!
kay so yesturday i went to laurenjosh's piano recital! it was her first one everrrr!
she played angels we have heard on high! which is amazing b/c he sings that song! and she did sooooo AMAAAAAZING! IT WAS COMPLETE JOSH MOMENT!! i was like omjomjomj. and im probably gonna start taking lessons either there, or from this other guy! good job laurenjosh. JG would be proud:)

and third, PARADE!!!
I WAS ACTUALLY IN A PARADE IN THE EXACT SAME YEARD JOSH WAS IN A PARADE!!!! the dance studio got to dance in the parade. just some of the students. and since im her daughter, i got to do both. there were 2 dances. and i was the only student in the whole studio that kept dancing and did both and didn't get a break! i was DYINGGG but josh helped me get through it! i felt like josh! just like a month ago he was in a parade!!
and laurenjosh was in the ballet dance with me! and her little sisters were in the jazz! YAYYYYYYYY. :D:D:D

good luck for the
other people making
ornaments! :)
may the best 5 win! :D

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