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on December 9, 2007 - 7:13pm

I've been itching to write, but like my entries to be "Josh" themed. It's the English teacher in me, I suppose. Nothing extraordinarily Josh themed has occurred of late, other than my trainer continuing to use "Groban" as a verb (which I absolutely love) and a student suggesting we listen to "Josh Grobanator". How cute is that??? :D

Yesterday, I was running errands and stopped at a local strip mall to mail a package. In my vehicle, I was listening to "Little Drummer Boy". I turn off the ignition, step out of my vehicle, only to hear....yup, you guessed it....Josh's "Little Drummer Boy" blaring over the loudspeaker!!! Squeeee! I was so excited and could hardly believe it!! I don't even recall that particular mall playing music like that in the past! I looked around and wanted to find someone to hug and share the moment with me! At times like this, I always feel like I'm hearing a friend getting the attention he so richly deserves. I proceeded to mail my package, etc., etc. As I left the store, Josh was still singing his heart out. I got a bit teary eyed. His voice sounded amazing blaring across the parking lot like that. I wanted to stop people and ask, "Do you hear that? Isn't he amaaaaazing?"

The song was ending as I approached my vehicle. "Then he smiled at rum pa pum and my drum....." I get into my vehicle, turn the key, and the song picked up EXACTLY where it was on the loudspeaker! I could NOT believe it!!!! I rolled down my window to be sure and yup.....totally synchronized! I know it sounds unbelievable, but it's true!!! Grobie powers ignite again! :D

In a sense, this does not surprise me. The world is run by energy and we Grobies put out so much positive energy towards Josh. (I often wonder how absolutely amazing my entire life would be if I could put that same happy, intense, positive energy towards everything I do. I know it's possible, but it's so much easier to save that for Josh.)

My point is, "coincidences" like this happen because we do love Josh so much. That love presents itself back to us in many different ways. My strip mall experience was just one example. Who'd ever think running out to mail a package could end up being sooooo exciting?!! :D

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