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I've Got Grobanitis and I Don't Want a Cure

FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on December 10, 2007 - 8:14am

What a doll............have I ever mentioned that I love Josh Groban? He sang like an angel once again! And what a great sense of humor! What an awesome way to start the week :)

Well, it's been awhile since I've written. As of yet, my sister is not doing well. I honestly wonder if she'll come home ever again. Unless we find out that her body is reacting negatively toward an anti-biotic; there could be something else bigger going on. Time will tell, we have to wait until the it completely flushes through her body to know what the next step will be. Sounds like she will NOT however, be home for Christmas. Thats very upsetting to her (and us) but she feels so yucky, she knows it's better she's got 24-hour care. Thanks TONS to all of you for your prayers and kind words. You really are the BEST! Don't know what I'd do without all of you.

The Madrigal this weekend at the highschool was beautiful. Hannah and the kids did wonderful jobs entertaining with their voices and instruments. I was lucky to go 2 times this year.....I can't believe it was Hannah's last one. Next year will be so strange with her off to college.

Looks like we'll have a white Christmas here! Plenty of snow on the ground and cold temps will keep it that way. I hope we have a fresh dusting on Christmas Eve, there's nothing like a Christmas Eve snow............*sigh of peace*

Oh I almost forgot to tell you. On Friday I received my Josh Groban watch in the mail. I ordered it from the grobanites for charity site. I love it. Now I'm waiting for my sweatshirt, t-shirt, visor, stickers, etc to come :)

Can't wait to get caught up with all of you....have to read your journals; so will sign off for now. Hope you all got to see Josh this morning. I bet his performance will be on their website - I better check that out too!


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